Our Purpose: Solving Women's Homelessness

Catherine House Inc. provides supported accommodation to single adult women over 18 years, unaccompanied by children, experiencing homelessness.

Staff work with clients in a holistic way, to deliver a wide range of tailored programs and services.

We have an award winning Education and Employment Program - 2013 National Homelessness Services Achievement Award for 'excellence in supporting pathways to employment or education'.  Our program was formally established in 2006, and has achieved significant life-changing outcomes for women.

We are 64% funded by government with the remainder coming from a variety of sources including: philanthropic institutions, bequests, corporate entities, small business, individual benefactors, schools, church and community groups and fundraising events and other opportunities.   We very much value our excellent partnerships and relationships within the community.

We are also very committed to Public Education, as a means of informing the community about the real issues that bring women to homelessness.  This means accepting regular invitations to speak about our work to a wide range of groups and corporate bodies.

Catherine House is a leader in the field of women's homelessness. The organisation values its strong reputation for being a highly credible service provider, offering a range of innovative programs designed to achieve positive and long-lasting outcomes for clients.

Catherine House promotes a strong value base in our approach to our work. Please see Our Values and Behaviour Statement for more information.

 Explanation of our logo                             

Our logo is a woman standing tall. Her legs are elongated to give the impression of inner strength and resilience, and she is holding her arms up in celebration of taking control and giving herself shelter in a difficult time. She is not standing still – her legs are of different lengths to emphasize movement – she is moving forward, she is progressing positively with her life.

The colour gold suited the image best. Gold is precious, and has enduring qualities. It is resilient, and albeit it looks rough in its raw state, with a bit of effort, it shines!


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