Our Purpose: Solving Women's Homelessness

Catherine House Inc. provides supported accommodation to single adult women, unaccompanied by children, who are affected by homelessness.

Staff work with clients in a holistic way, to deliver a wide range of tailored programs and services.

Catherine House is a leader in the field of women's homelessness. The organisation values its strong reputation for being a highly credible service provider that offers a range of innovative programs designed to achieve positive and long-lasting outcomes for clients.

Its latest innovative approach to 'solving women's homelessness' is the launch of WorkNext, a fee-for-service Job Placement initiative, as a commercial arm of Catherine House Inc., which will operate as a Social Business. The WorkNext fee-for-service structure has been modelled on current recruitment industry practice.

The launch of the new Social Business is an extension of the vital work that happens on-site at the Education and Employment Centre named Sagarmatha. The work of the centre is aimed at 'educating women out of homelessness' through access to higher education, leading to jobs. 

Research is an integral part of the work of Catherine House. We place a high value on initiating, and participating in, ground-breaking research studies.

Catherine House promotes a strong value base in our approach to our work. Please see Our Values and Behaviour Statement for more information.

 Explanation of our logo                             

Our logo is a woman standing tall. Her legs are elongated to give the impression of inner strength and resilience, and she is holding her arms up in celebration of taking control and giving herself shelter in a difficult time. She is not standing still – her legs are of different lengths to emphasize movement – she is moving forward, she is progressing positively with her life.

The colour gold suited the image best. Gold is precious, and has enduring qualities. It is resilient, and albeit it looks rough in its raw state, with a bit of effort, it shines!


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